"Balitur" was set up by Wayan Arsa, a Balinese with a background in the hotel trade where he used to work as a receptionist.

His enterprise acquired a Danish flavour when he got on friendly terms with a Danish customer. The chemistry between them turned out to be excellent, and so he set out to focus on Danish customers..

In Bali, taxi rides are easy to obtain, and renting and driving a car oneself is definitely not advisable. The problem is not so much that, in Bali, traffic keeps to the left, especially not if you are English or Australian. BUT traffic is somewhat disorganised, roads are passable, at best, and there are many vulnerable road users, often a mother with three children on a scooter or motorbike. On the other hand it is not easy to see what you get with a random taxi. Many people earn extra income as taxi drivers without having the necessary – and compulsory – insurance and tourist guide licenses. Balitur makes sure these things are handled correctly.

Wayan is an incredibly likeable, friendly and helpful guy who speaks excellent English.
On top of that, he has e-mail, so it's easy to get in contact with him (in English only though).
His address is yancung@hotmail.com and he lives in Ubud, located roughly in the middle of the island.

You can follow regular events, with Wayan and his guests, on Facebook, via the link on the top right of this site.