Batuan (Art Painting)
Mas (Wood Carving)
Celuk (Silver Smith)

Tenganan Pegringsingan

Tenganan Pegringsingan is a village located in Karangasem area.
the village is known to be Traditional Balinese , and are an attraction due to its classical resemblems, and is legislation protected, to preserve this traditional culture , which regard to both livsstil , ceremonies and Traditions. Thus must only people, born in the village, live there. The village people make special fabrics, ikat, and they perform traditional gamelan concerts.

The architecture recembles the culture, of the indigenous bali, Bali Aga , with three common longhouses, each dedicated to everyday administrative doings, official administration (balle Agung ) og religious ceremonies (balle Banja), wellorganised with the everyday-public at south and bottom of the village and the Religious at the top, followed by the temple, temple of Pura Puseh.