Uluwatu Temple

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Uluwatu Temple
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The Monkey-temple

The Monkey-temple which is beautifully situated 80 meters above the sea, on vertical cliffs.

As in other temples are shown Barongperformances and Balinese dance, but the speciality here are is the location, and the monkeys that live in the forest around the temple. Do bring small bananas, but watch where you have them. The monkey are WILD, and DANGEROUS, even though they look peacefull. They act like wild animals, if there is something eatable – or toys such as goggles, binoculars and photo-gear nearby. Included the experience in the temple, belongs sunset. Do not be fooled by your guide, even if he happens to be named Wayan. The sunset goes all will NOT be before about 19:30, so make sure not to be too early on the spot. It's fun to see the monkeys, old males, mothers with babies and playful cubs, in a matter of minutes before sunset, skip the stone circle and completely out of the steep slope where the kids play peacefully on the edge and the adults sit quietly with all sorts of different family pursuits, even those we do not show our youngsters, all while they miss the eyes from the blood red sunset.